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Subject: How To Start An Import Business In Nigeria With Little Capital!

Dear fellow compatriot.

Here is how to start an import business in Nigeria with little capital!

But, first, let me start by asking you this question: What is the hottest and sweetest legitimate online business that you will ever find on the net?

Any ideas?


Well, brace yourself for it.

What business is that?

It is the mini importation business!

"Import business? I thought you need an import licence which
cost several thousands of naira from the Customs Department
- coupled with the bureaucracy and delays associated with the
process - in order to import products into Nigeria?"

That is where you got it wrong! Wake up, bro, or sis! This is the 21st century - the jet age - remember? For your info, the times have changed - and so has the way of doing business globally.

Michael Onuoha, internet marketing expert I agree that you need a lot of money to engage in import business in Nigeria.

Also, you still have to go through a lot of delays before you can commence the actual importation of the products in question.

Similarly, after you have succeeded in starting your import business, you still need to pay a lot of money to clear your goods at the Wharf.

However, you can overcome all those discouraging barriers to the import business by engaging in small scale importation on the internet. For real? Yes, for real! No kidding. Believe me.

As a matter of fact, with N10,000 or less, and effective offline marketing, you can start your import business in Nigeria and make as much as N250,000 in 30 days guaranteed.

So, what can you import into the country? Just about anything! You can order the cheapest brand new laptops, androids, blackberries, jewelleries, wrist watches, shoes, ipads and so on. The list is endless.

Better still, apart from getting the products at the best bargains and lowest prices possible, you can have them shipped down to your residential / shipping address right here in Nigeria free of any shipping costs!

WARNING: Let me sound a note of warning here. You cannot import just about anything into this country - because you can run foul of the law if you do not exercise caution in your import business.

Therefore, before you place an order for anything on the internet, you must ensure that it is not a contraband item and that you can legally import it into the country.

So, what are you waiting for? Get ready to start your brand new home based mini importation business today without delay!

What did you know about the mini importation business before now?

Bullet BadDid you think you need an office space?

Bullet BadWhat about office staff or personnel?

Bullet BadAnd Office equipment and furniture?

Bullet BadAt least you must need generator for a business like this - all the stress associated with it notwithstanding?

Bullet BadHuge capital outlay and running costs of the business?

None of the above needed whatsoever! All you need to run your importation business successfully is a computer and an internet access - and you are in business! That is why this is the perfect home based business that you could ever hope for!

What do you think?

Have you ever seen any business to compare with the mini importation business anywhere on the net?

I honestly do not think so.

Do you now agree with me that this is by far the hottest and sweetest legitimate online business that you will ever find on the net?

Most certainly so!

I personally make over N200,000 from the mini importation business on a monthly basis and now
you too can using the very same strategies that I use!

It doesn't matter what your experience level is. And you do not need any of these in order to start making money online from the mini importation business.

Believe Me! This is No Scam!

You might be tempted to reason: "Oh no! Not again! Not another online scam!"

But, believe me! This is no scam! These are top quality products offered by some of the best and 100% genuine, reliable and trusted companies on the internet where you will find various household and office equipments and supplies at very cheap prices.

Trust me. You simply cannot go wrong with this business opportunity! And I will tell you why. It is because you are dealing with reliable and genuine companies on the internet, with many years of good reputation for doing genuine business behind them.

But, just in case you are expressing some doubts as to the genuineness of this business proposition, let me reassure you that you are 100% secured when you order products from the websites that I am referring to in this article.

This is because all orders and purchases are covered by escrow buyer protection. In case you do not know what that means, here is how escrow buyer protection works.

An escrow is an arrangement made under contractual provisions between transacting parties whereby money is placed in the control of an independent and licensed third party in order to protect both buyer and seller in a transaction.

The mini importation portal which is the independent trusted third party receives and disburses money and/or documents meant for the order of goods or various products from a seller for the transacting parties.

When both parties verify the transaction has been completed per terms set, the money is released to the seller. But, if at any point there is a dispute between the parties in the transaction, the process moves along to dispute resolution.

In other words, the escrow buyer protection guarantees that the seller will be paid only when the buyer (that is, you or any other person who has ordered their products) confirms that the products ordered have been received in good condition.

So, the power is right in your hands to confirm receipt of the products ordered in good condition or to file a claim otherwise for a full refund of your money - in the event of non-delivery or delivery of unsatisfactory product.

Consequently, if you fail to receive a product which you ordered from the companies, or if the item you receive falls below your expectation, you can make a report and you will be entitled to a full refund of your money.

But, if you fail to confirm that you have received the products ordered and also do not open any dispute regarding the product, the buyer will be paid at the expiration of 27 days.

So, you have absolutely nothing to be scared or worried about. Your online transactions are well covered!

"The Mini Importers Bible Unveiled!"

To tell you the truth, the whole process of importing products online and having them delivered to your doorsteps right here in Nigeria is far from being an easy one.

This is because in order to be able to successfully import products on the internet, you need to be able to differentiate between companies that engage in complete scam online from respectable, genuine and serious business organisations.

That in itself is not an easy feat - because 99% of business opportunities on the internet are outright scams.

Put differently, some of those companies can simply take your money and fail to deliver the products that you have ordered to you. Some of them who will manage to deliver the products to you will supply substandard products.

This is where the buyer protection policy comes in. It prevents a seller from delivering substandard products or simply taking the buyer's money and disappearing into thin air. The seller is also assured of getting his money once he delivers the products ordered according to specification.

step by step mini importation guide So, how do you know which mini importation portals are genuine and which are fake?

Also, how do you overcome the problem of the type of payment instrument to use to make payments for the products since they are quoted in dollars?

If you decide to use a MasterCard - a popular payment instrument on the internet - how do you obtain one with ease to make payments for the products of your choice?

Finally, how do you get the best bargain on your purchases, and how do you open a dispute and get your money back, if all fails to go according to plan?

Therefore, it is pretty obvious from the foregoing that the mini importation business is not an easy one to begin to the unguided first-timer.

Without a workable plan and a thorough consideration of the important areas enumerated above, you cannot hope to succeed in your mini importation business.

The Mini Importers Bible to the rescue!...

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What will you get from this unique internet marketing course?

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Frankly speaking, what you will get is a proven process with a 100% guaranteed success rate.

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