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Best Online Business In Nigeria

Now let me ask you this question: "what is the best, hottest and sweetest legitimate online business to engage in right now?"

No idea? Okay, let me help you. It is the dollar business!

"Dollar business? What do you mean? Is it buying and selling of dollars?"

No! Very far from it! It is working and earning dollars from the comfort of your home right here in Nigeria!

How is that possible?

It is possible through a "little" site known as

500 dollars daily from fiverr Simply defined, is a freelance marketing site where you can earn between $100 to $500 daily for simple services that will not take more than 1 hour of your time to complete.

And $500 is not even the maximum you can earn on Some people earn more than that every day of the week!

Now, just imagine earning $100 alone every single day for 30 days.

That is $3,000!

Now, let's do some arithmetic.

Converted to naira at even N350 to the dollar, that is N1,050,000 every month!

And that, my good friend, is over N12 million in a year!

Now, who says you cannot be a millionaire? Tell them they are dead wrong!!!!

With that kind of money, why will you not be able to build your own house or drive your dream car and even spend a vacation in the Caribbean within the next two years with that special person in your life?

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So, here are the steps involved in earning $500 daily online from

Step One: Do research and ascertain the hot selling services on Fiverr

Step Two: Visit and register.

Step Three: Update your profile and garnish it as much as possible.

Step Four: Put up your hot selling services and start selling on the site.

Just as in the "real business world", it is not all services that sell on Fiverr. While certain gigs or services are guaranteed to make you money, some of them are a sheer waste of precious time.

Therefore, do not just rush off to the site to open an account and start showcasing services that people are not interested in buying.

So, what are the hot services to sell on Fiverr?

Some of them are as follows:

1. Logo Design

2. Article Writing

3. Website Traffic

The above gigs are in constant demand every single day of the week and if you want to make money from Fiverr, you must sell these ones on your profile.

Honestly, I will show you how to make $500 daily fast cash online from home in Nigeria GUARANTEED using the very same strategies that I use! Believe me!

And it doesn't matter what your experience level is and whether you are new to internet marketing or not.

And you will not need any of the following in order to start making money online from the dollar business from your home right here in Nigeria.

"Who is Ijeoma Onyebolise?"

My name is Onyebolise Ijeoma, from Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.

Ijeoma Onyebolise - Internet Marketer I had my secondary education in Nigerian Model College, Alakara, Mushin, Lagos State, Nigeria. I went further to obtain a B.Sc. degree in Business Administration in Delta State University, Abraka, Delta State, Nigeria.

I am currently working as a staff nurse in a government hospital in Delta State.

I am also an astute internet marketer. I became interested in online business in 2014 when I discovered that a friend of mine was always going to withdraw money from the bank every day.

On enquiry, he told me the source of those money he was withdrawing from the bank and my passion for online business was kindled.

However, in order to successfully operate an online business, you need a very good android phone. You also need a computer too, preferably a laptop. I had to acquire these and went into business in ernest.

But, if you do not have money for a laptop now, you can alternate your mobile phone with the services of cybercafe until you are able to raise enough money to buy a laptop.

"The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint Unveiled!"

To tell you the truth, the whole process of working and earning dollars fast cash online from in Nigeria is far from being an easy one.

How to know the hot selling gigs or services on Fiverr is a real challenge. Doing research, however, will take a long time to carry out. It can take you close to one whole year or even more of doing trial and error before you can figure it all out.

Additionally, it is not enough to know the hot selling services. You also need to know the right strategies to use to deliver top quality job and always deliver on time so as to get 100% positive review every time.

Outsourcing is also another issue to consider while doing research for the top selling gigs on Fiverr. Without knowing how to properly and effectively outsource your gigs, you may not be able to complete the order for some of the gigs.

Hence, you need to know how to outsource your gigs within and outside Fiverr so that all you will simply need to do is deliver the gigs and pocket your money.

fiverr outsourcing is everything
What is outsourcing?

Outsourcing means that you simply look for people who would be happy to perform the hot-in-demand services that we have described above for pennies and you simply sit back and reap the juicy reward for all your "hard work".

You can collect your orders within or outside Fiverr and outsource them to the sellers outside Fiverr or within Fiverr.

Thereafter, you deliver them to the buyers on Fiverr when they are delivered to you by your outsourced workers. You can also source for workers within Fiverr too and look for buyers outside Fiverr and apply the same procedure to delivering the job to them as outlined above.

Whichever method of outsourcing you decide to do, the whole tasks involved in the whole process is not more than 30 minutes to one hour work put together. Honestly, this is the best approach to making money from Fiverr as you become the employer of labour rather than the employee.

In other words, your role in the whole gig-delivering process is that of a middle man who looks for prospective customers needing the services advertised on Fiverr, collect the orders on Fiverr and place them with your workers (or outsourced employees) outside Fiverr. Or, vice versa.

Believe me, this method is so dead simple that even my 10-year old nephew does it with ease! Little wonder someone referred to it as "a brain-dead simple, tried and true method of generating quick cash flow". There is no doubt that it will work for you too if you simply follow the instructions to a tee.

Frankly speaking, outsourcing is the secret which is behind the huge success of majority of the Top Rated Sellers on Fiverr. Learn this and you are set to take Fiverr by storm. I guarantee you that!

Think, Just Think!!!

Outsourcing is where the big money is on Master outsourcing and you have conquered Fiverr! The only thing that you will be doing is spending more time counting your money! I guarantee you that!

So, how does outsourcing work and what are the steps of carrying it out?

Or, how do you outsource your services to other people to complete for you and you simply deliver them to your buyers and pocket your money for a job well done?

Where do you go to in order to get people who would be willing to work for you at a price that would still leave you with a reasonable margin as compensation for landing the sales?

What are the specific hot selling services to make you $500 daily fast cash online from home in Nigeria?

The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint to the rescue!...

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You will learn the secret of outsourcing your services to other sellers either on Fiverr or outside the site much like a contactor does especially when you begin to land huge orders on your hot selling gigs.

You will become an employer of labour. You will seek out people who would be more than glad to perform the above services for pennies and all you will need to do is simply sit back, relax and reap the juicy reward for all your "hard work".

The Ultimate Fiverr Blueprint

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